New Web Address

Hello there!

Thank you for visiting. I’m so happy to have you as a reader.

If you are looking for the content that used to be here and didn’t just get here by accident–or you know what?–even if you did get here by accident, please follow the link below for the blog’s new address:

My blog has been evolving for the past few years, and I thought it was time that I update it, which included matching it with my social media accounts, in order to create some cohesion. I will be posting writing projects, fun little hobbies, my favorite things of the moment, and just my general inane thoughts  across all platforms now. This blog will be kept as a shell for any wayward readers out there that didn’t get seamlessly moved over to the new blog for some reason.

See you there!

GoreyCorbin (formerly theyellowranger)