Taking Don’t Starve to Long Beach Comic Expo

Well, yesterday was the big day! I got up at 7 AM, walked the dogs, grabbed a cup of coffee, and then went to work on my cosplay for Long Beach Comic Expo. It took probably an hour and a half to get the hair and makeup just right, but I was really pleased with the look. To me it captured the essence of Wickerbottom–permanent grimace, frown lines, and all! Check out the gallery below. These were obviously just taken prior to the con, but I’ll post any I see of my wandering about if they pop up online.

The con itself was a lot of fun. We got some great artwork. There was an artist called Bowie (big name to live up to) that we bought three prints from. One was of Jaws swimming through remnants of the Orca. We got it because I’m a big fan and we want to hang it in our bathroom alongside our Creature from the Black Lagoon poster to round out are movies-of-scary-things-that-will-kill-you-in-water theme. One was of the Ninja Turtles perched on a cathedral cross silhouetted by lightning and a similar one of Gargoyles. They are very similar, so we plan to hang them side by side. We also got some cute prints of a Big Hero 6/Guardians of the Galaxy mash-up from another artist, and some Batman Beyond ones from a friend who had his own booth.

After a handful of hours we had pretty much walked the whole floor twice and my feet were ready to fall off and my face was itching from all of the caked-on makeup, so we were ready to get out of there. All-in-all, there were some really great booths. I just wish that Klei Entertainment had been there so I could show them some love! On the plus side, despite being an obscure character, a little girl knew who I was!


I was browsing a gallery and found my picture! It is very similar to the gallery, but check it out if you like. I think next time I would bring some props with me to make her even more identifiable.



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FINALLY. After three years of trying, I got tickets to San Diego Comic Con! I am so thrilled. I can’t wait to be sardined in with thousands and thousands of sweaty nerds like me. WOOT!

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Wickerbottom Cosplay

Hi all!

Just a quick update on my Wickerbottom cosplay for Long Beach Comic Con.

My hair and makeup products have arrived. In case you’re curious, I ordered a couple of tubes of no-smear white stage face paint, a black face paint crayon, a can of black hairspray, and a can of white hairspray. For my hair, I plan to do a high bun with no bangs–just a couple of curly fly-aways hanging out for that I-just-slaughtered-a-nest-of-spiders look. I’m going to hold that in place with regular hairspray. Then I will spray it all over with the black hairspray. Once that is done, I’m going to spray in just a little white and run through it carefully with a comb. That should ideally achieve the same look as her character in the videogame.

As for my makeup, I plan to do a completely white face (including lips) and neck. I’m not sure about my hands as of yet as I feel that would get really tricky. They’ll probably have to stay bare. Then I’m going to line my lips with the black crayon. Wickerbottom has a permanent grimace, so I need to do a downward-turned line and sharp cupid’s bow top lip. I’ll also be using the crayon to do some shading/line work on my forehead and cheeks to achieve her sallow, weary appearance. Given that all the characters have a hard black outline around the eyes, I will line my eyes with my normal eyeliner and mascara that I use day-to-day.

The outfit is coming along. I found a shirt that I think will work perfectly for Wickerbottom, though her exact outfit is a bit hard to see in the game. Is it a blazer? A sweater? Is it one piece? I’m not sure. I went mostly off of the little figures you can buy at the Klei store, but I took a look at the Don’t Starve wikia and some fan art that is floating around out there. I did the same with the shoes because in the game they look nearly white with pointed toes but elsewhere they seem more like gray booties with a chunky heel and laces.

I plan to use my own reading glasses for the outfit. While the figurine from the Klei store shows it as just glass frames, the hard lines of her character in the game make it look more like black frames. Mine are rectangular and black with clear bottoms, so I think they’ll be a nice middle ground.

I’m still not sure on her skirt. The Klei store figure depicts it almost as a red pencil skirt with abstract black lines, but the wikia page goes for more of an A-line plaid skirt that seems maroon to me. I already have to take in the shirt I found a bit, so I’m debating finding the right pattern for the skirt and sewing it myself. I did spot a striped skirt ina thrift shop window that I could potentially dye maroon. Hmmmmm. So many possibilities!

We’ll see! Posts soon to come. Can’t wait for LBCC! Ooooh also, check out these amazing cosplayers doing a short Don’t Starve video. They’re wearing blind lenses so they can’t actually see.

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Game of Thrones Trailer = YAAAASSSSSS

Check this ish out.

Also, there are photos to accompany the video below:


Warning, someone who clearly hasn’t read the books wrote the above Buzzfeed post, so take the captions and interpretation of the trailer with a grain of salt. Just focus on all of the awesomesauce in that trailer and those photos.

Five Favorite Things for January

1. Telltale Games – I have collected quite a few Telltale games in my Steam library over the years, and I don’t think I’ve ever played one that I didn’t enjoy. Some I’ve enjoyed far more than others, sure, but there aren’t any that I hated. I love the more recent ones that are very Choose Your Own Adventure. Situations have multiple outcomes and characters formulate opinions based on your actions.

Clementine will remember that.

It’s super interesting. I really love seeing the community polls at the end of each game, especially when I’ve made what I deem a right decision, only to find that it is grossly unpopular. I feel it actually reveals a fair bit about our personality types.

I’m currently working my way through The Walking Dead, and I finished the first Game of Thrones episode, but the game I really fell in love with was The Wolf Among Us. I’m actually writing another post about that game specifically, because it was so terrific. I finished all five episodes in the span of a day, and I’m going to replay it fairly soon to see what would have happened had I made other decisions. I’m just too curious!

from xbox.com

from xbox.com

I hadn’t read “Fables” before either (I saw it at Wondercon and thought about picking it up, but went for another stack of things instead), so the fact that Telltale made me love TWAU so much was impressive.

2. PB2 Powder – So on my way to eating better, I had taken a hiatus from peanut butter. The reason for that honestly was that I was abusing it. A tablespoon on my toast? Yeah, no. I’d have like four from the jar as a snack. It was out of hand. After going without it for a couple of months though, I was singing the peanut butter blues. I was about to cave and buy some more, when I found this powder at my local Ralphs. I read that by pressing out the natural oils from the nuts, PB2 managed to cut the fat and calories of peanut butter wayyyyy down. Needless to say, I was thrilled. Putting it in smoothies or stirring it into my pancakes has been great because it gives food that peanutbutter kick without tipping the scale. I like it a lot.

That being said, the internet seems pretty conflicted about it.

For a couple of different perspectives:



I would say that if you can control your consumption of any kind of nut butter and just use it in small amounts for a little healthy fat/protein boost, the real deal is the way to go. However, if you’re like me and you struggle with putting down the spoon, PB2 is a good option.

3. Law and Order: SVU – Gosh, I forgot how ridiculous this show is. I stopped watching when the love of my life, Elliot Stabler, left the show and I found the new detectives grating. I only picked back up because the most recent few seasons came to Netflix and I’m a notorious Netflix junkie. SVU is so easy to binge watch because the episodes are so similar–all the same tropes and conventions, all the same ridiculous lines…


found on pinterest


4. Don’t Stave Together – I bought the beta for this as soon as it was offered because I love Don’t Starve so much and had been reading about the multi-player version for a while. I couldn’t imagine a better couple’s activity than playing together. Now we pretty much sit in the same room and shout at each other from our respective computers, “NO! THE FIRE! DON’T LET IT GO OUT!” “PIG PEOPLE! PIG PEOPLE!” “STAB HIM IN THE FACE! IN THE FAAAAAACE!” and other crazy things. Our neighbors probably think we’re insane, and you know what, maybe we are.

5. Seahawks – I’m always a fan regardless of the month (12th man, baby!) but I have to add this to January just because the Superbowl is so close. Healthy snacks? Check. Seahawks regalia? Check. A spot-on Richard Sherman impression ready to perform on demand? Check, BITCH! NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT ME! NO ONE TALKS ABOUT ME!


found on giantlife.com


Go hawks!

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Wickerbottom Cosplay

Hi all!

I’ve mentioned that I’ve been working on some cosplay projects in the past few months, but I haven’t given any details. The main reason for that is that I’ve been working on getting in shape. I’m down 30 pounds or so and up a wee bit o’ muscle and with that has come a lot of changes in my measurements. I haven’t been able to buy or sew together anything because it would only change after a few weeks anyway. Now that some cons are right around the corner however, I’m ready for a little cos-action!

For Long Beach Comic Con in March I will be going as…

*drum roll please*

Wickerbottom from Don’t Starve! Woooooooh! Yay!

I know that she is kind of a fringe character to cosplay as, but I don’t mind at all. I’ve gone as popular characters like Harley Quinn and Black Cat and that is really fun, but I’ve also done slightly lesser known characters like Kaidan from Mark Waid’s “Irredeemable” and it is just as enjoyable. I really just like to go as characters that I find cool or interesting in some way. I think that Don’t Starve is an awesome indie game (I’ll be discussing it soon) and Wickerbottom is a severely underrated character. She is a bad ass granny and I’m going to rock her at LBCC! Can’t wait!

Tune in for more updates a long the way. Only a couple of months to go! :)

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Happy New Year!

Yikes! 2014 is almost over and I almost forgot my five favorite things for the month. Time to get to work!

  1. Masters of Sex – I am a fan of both Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan, so this show made sense right off the bat for me. I was hooked just a couple of episodes into the first season. I actually just finished season 2, and I really fell in love with this pair on-and-off screen even more. They make you want to read every study Masters and Johnson ever produced. Way more compelling than Kinsey in my opinion, though in the same vein. The acting is terrific, but if you’re just in it for a bit of tawdry fun (it’s got sex in the title, amirite?), there is also a lot of hotness going on in nearly every episode. Who would have though Michael Sheen would be so appealing? As the great Bart Simpson would say, “Whoaaaaaa mama!”
  2. The Hobbit – This is actually on two levels. First, I was just gifted Tolkien’s series of books, so there is that. Confession time: I have only ever read the Fellowship of the Ring and that was when I was 12. I’m pretty ashamed to say that, because I absolutely adore the films. I own three copies for reasons unknown. I can’t wait to devour the books and stop hanging my head in shame. Second, I just saw the last installment of Peter Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy and I thought it was enjoyable. Those films are clearly not as great as the first three, but they are still fun to watch. Great popcorn movies.
  3. Funko Pop! Figures – I mentioned these cute, big ol’ headed guys way back when, but I have to give another shout out. We started collecting these before they blew up and you could find them everywhere, so I guess you could call me a Funko Hipster (band name, called it!!!).  We used to just pick up one here or there, usually at comic conventions. We have Jaba the Hutt, IceBeard (the white walker from GoT), Predator, Diablo, and Jack Skellington with Zero (but we only bring those out on Christmas). Now that they are everywhere and address every fandom imaginable, our friends have started gifting them to us. The more the merrier I say! I’ve had my eye on several of them for quite some time. We just got Daryl from The Walking Dead (we named our dog after him, so he was a pretty solid gift), Khal Drogo and Dany, and The Dude. I know that this fad will go away at some point just like every other trendy thing that gets overdone, so I want to have my collection built up before that point.
  4. Dexter – While I think the series went downhill fast after season 4, I’ve been enjoying re-watching this show. I forgot so many things! The tension between Doakes and Dexter, that horrid bitch Lyla–oh and LaGuerta having a thing for Dexter?! AH! So weird when you go back and watch it knowing how her story goes. Anyway, I’m really enjoying it and I’m actually considering reading the books. Has anyone out there read them? Is it pointless to read after watching? Are they very different from the show? I’m curious.
  5. Homemade Granola – I will post a recipe for this one, but let’s just say that it is an amazing start to the day. Yum!

Happy 2015 everyone! 2014 was made great by your reading and your comments. Lots of love to you all!

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Cauliflower Mash and Back to the Future

The holiday season came and went so quickly! Ah, but fear not! There is still time for some fattening food before going back to work.
I decided to post a recipe that you could take to a holiday celebration, but is also great for a night at home. Though this is relatively low-cal compared to mashed potatoes, this is still comfort food meant for cold weather and snuggling up on the couch. That’s why I suggest making this and watching my personal movie equivalent to comfort food, Back to the Future. I have the collector’s edition box set and for some reason, another complete set. I just LOVE these movies. I guess you could say that they’re my density.


1 Yukon Gold Potato
1 head of cauliflower
1 bulb of garlic
1 cup half and half
2 tbsp stick of butter
Salt and Pepper (to taste)
1. Wash your veggies!
2. Now prepare your veggies! Chop your potato into small chunks (probably 6 pieces). Cut the cauliflower head away from the leaves/stalk and then into large pieces (probably 4 or 5 hunks). Peel your garlic. Note: DO NOT PEEL YOUR POTATO! The skin tricks you into thinking it is all mashed potatoes by keeping some of the heartiness. Think McFly, think!
3. Bring butter and half and half to a boil in a saucepan and then pop in the garlic. You can let the garlic soften up a little bit in there.
4. Add the cauliflower and potato pieces.
5. Cook on medium for about 10 minutes.
6. Use a masher to mash all of the ingredients together.
7. Add seasoning as you please. (I tend to do a TON of pepper and no salt. You could toss in garlic salt, oregano, etc.)
8. Use kitchen scissors to cut stalks of chives over the potatoes for garnish.
9. Pop in Back to the Future and enjoy!
You could easily add cheese, bacon, ground turkey, and more! Get creative with it! Great Scott!
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Five Things to be Thankful for in November

Happy Turkey Day! Here are my five favorite things for the month. I hope you all are passed out in a pile of mashed potatoes the second after you read this. :D

1. Arctic Zero – This ice cream substitute has been a life saver while being on a diet. It is such a good option for people trying to keep their blood sugar and/or calories in check because it is made with monk fruit. Who woulda thunk it, huh? Monk fruit. Sounds oh so appealing. I mean Hugh Jackman? Pfft. Give me Friar Tuck, am I right ladies?
I would actually recommend throwing in some chopped almonds or toasted coconut into your arctic zero. It is just a small amount of extra effort but it makes a huge difference. I’m sure you could use a sugar free caramel sauce or something like that too.
As an alternative (warning, this is only for people who live in LA) Frog Frozen Yogurt has a no sugar added coffee blend at the moment that is equally tasty. Bonus, they deliver!
Pandora2. Grunge – Blame it on homesickness, but lately all of my drives home have been to Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, etc. It instantly transports me back to Seattle when I have a hot cup of coffee in my hand and some good music.
That’s it. I’m calling it. I suffer from nostomania. You’ll find me some night soon in Seattle, possibly naked, running the streets with a dazed look, singing Down in a Hole. Keep your eyes peeled.
[nos-tuh-mey-nee-uh, -meyn-yuh]

Word Origin
1. intense homesickness; an irresistible compulsion to return home.

pvz3. Plants vs Zombies – I’ve been getting back into this lately after beating it over and over again, earning all the achievements, and getting sick of it. I think there is something fun and addictive about the Vase Breaker puzzle mode. I guess it is because I have a competitive streak. The highest run I’ve gotten to is 37, which is just an onslaught of giant zombies. I’m sure there is someone out there that has been to level 60 or something absurd like that, but I couldn’t imagine. At some point there must be one pea shooter and 34 mega-zombies ready to crush you.
4. We Are What We Are – I watched this film the other night and while I have issues with the ending (I think that it could have been immensely better with a minor tweak), it has Michael Parks in it, and that negates everything I feel about the ending. Michael Parks is such a criminally underrated actor. He shines in whatever film he is in, whether you like the film or not.
I just saw Tusk as well and while I enjoyed it, a lot of people had a really visceral reaction to it. I’m talking boiling with rage. People wanted their time and money back. However, I love Smodcast and believe that just like Cabin in the Woods was a love letter to the horror genre, Tusk was a love letter to Smodcast. Plus it is always cool to see art inspire other art.  I digress.
The point is Michael Parks owns and although his part in the movie isn’t huge, he gets enough time to give an understated, beautiful performance. The rest of the cast was great too, especially Bill Sage.
5. Garlic Mashed Cauliflower – I will put up a recipe and geekery companion for this shortly, but I just have to say that I’ve never loved a lowcarb option like this before. I know that diet food sounds gross, and maybe the thought of boiled cauliflower makes your skin crawl, but I promise you that if you took this to a Christmas party, no one would be the wiser. DELICIOUS.

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