Five Things to be Thankful for in November

Happy Turkey Day! Here are my five favorite things for the month. I hope you all are passed out in a pile of mashed potatoes the second after you read this. :D

1. Arctic Zero – This ice cream substitute has been a life saver while being on a diet. It is such a good option for people trying to keep their blood sugar and/or calories in check because it is made with monk fruit. Who woulda thunk it, huh? Monk fruit. Sounds oh so appealing. I mean Hugh Jackman? Pfft. Give me Friar Tuck, am I right ladies?
I would actually recommend throwing in some chopped almonds or toasted coconut into your arctic zero. It is just a small amount of extra effort but it makes a huge difference. I’m sure you could use a sugar free caramel sauce or something like that too.
As an alternative (warning, this is only for people who live in LA) Frog Frozen Yogurt has a no sugar added coffee blend at the moment that is equally tasty. Bonus, they deliver!
Pandora2. Grunge – Blame it on homesickness, but lately all of my drives home have been to Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, etc. It instantly transports me back to Seattle when I have a hot cup of coffee in my hand and some good music.
That’s it. I’m calling it. I suffer from nostomania. You’ll find me some night soon in Seattle, possibly naked, running the streets with a dazed look, singing Down in a Hole. Keep your eyes peeled.
[nos-tuh-mey-nee-uh, -meyn-yuh]

Word Origin
1. intense homesickness; an irresistible compulsion to return home.

pvz3. Plants vs Zombies – I’ve been getting back into this lately after beating it over and over again, earning all the achievements, and getting sick of it. I think there is something fun and addictive about the Vase Breaker puzzle mode. I guess it is because I have a competitive streak. The highest run I’ve gotten to is 37, which is just an onslaught of giant zombies. I’m sure there is someone out there that has been to level 60 or something absurd like that, but I couldn’t imagine. At some point there must be one pea shooter and 34 mega-zombies ready to crush you.
4. We Are What We Are – I watched this film the other night and while I have issues with the ending (I think that it could have been immensely better with a minor tweak), it has Michael Parks in it, and that negates everything I feel about the ending. Michael Parks is such a criminally underrated actor. He shines in whatever film he is in, whether you like the film or not.
I just saw Tusk as well and while I enjoyed it, a lot of people had a really visceral reaction to it. I’m talking boiling with rage. People wanted their time and money back. However, I love Smodcast and believe that just like Cabin in the Woods was a love letter to the horror genre, Tusk was a love letter to Smodcast. Plus it is always cool to see art inspire other art.  I digress.
The point is Michael Parks owns and although his part in the movie isn’t huge, he gets enough time to give an understated, beautiful performance. The rest of the cast was great too, especially Bill Sage.
5. Garlic Mashed Cauliflower – I will put up a recipe and geekery companion for this shortly, but I just have to say that I’ve never loved a lowcarb option like this before. I know that diet food sounds gross, and maybe the thought of boiled cauliflower makes your skin crawl, but I promise you that if you took this to a Christmas party, no one would be the wiser. DELICIOUS.

Cool Guy News: Suicide Squad Speculations

UPDATE: Jared Leto to play Joker.

Seriously?! I love Jared Leto. Can’t wait to see what he does with this role.

Though I have to admit I wasn’t nearly as jazzed about hearing DC’s movie line-up as I was about Marvel’s, I am COMPLETELY down for a Suicide Squad movie. How could I not be? A gang of surprisingly lovable misfits and baddies thrust into some kind of dire situation is exactly the kind of magic Nicole Perlman found with the Guardians. I’m not saying it is as formulaic as antiheroes + incarceration = successful film, but I think there is definite potential there. Especially if they choose the right members.

It looks like we might be getting just that too. So far the speculated cast seems like a dream team to me. I mean, Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn? YES PLEASE. She was the real wolf in Wolf of Wallstreet, in my opinion. Jordan Belfort was just a putz who learned how to shuffle his money around, kiss ass, and live in the quaalude-enhanced moment. The Duchess on the other hand, knew what she wanted in Belfort and took it. Robbie isn’t her character, but if she can bring a bit of that Duchess moxie to HQ and mix it with some Angelina a la Girl Interrupted–or real life for that matter, that B is crazy–then we’re in good shape for a solid HQ on the silverscreen.

What do you think?

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Brussels Sprouts and Alien

What better food to eat while kicking back and watching Alien, than a food that looks xenomorphic right out of the gate? Nothing, that’s what.

Here is a recipe for my Bacon Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Garlic to be paired (in my humble opinion) with a viewing of the classic Ridley Scott Sci-Fi film, Alien. It is so easy and simple to make, and you can pair it with anything you like food-wise. I just ate a serving of it by itself, but I definitely would have gone for this with some steak.
10 brussels sprouts
2 Strips thick cut bacon for dish
2 strips thick cut bacon for cooking (see below for clarification)
2 tbsp unsalted butter
1 head/bulb garlic
1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
2. Wash your brussels sprouts.
3. Prepare yo veggies! Chop the hard stocks off the bottom of the brussels sprouts. You will notice that a few leaves will fall off of the main sprout. Don’t throw them out! You can throw them in with the sprouts, so hold on to them like lucky pennies. You’ll also need to cut/peel your garlic here.
4. Heat frying pan up to medium on stove top, and then place the two strips of bacon for cooking and two table spoons of butter in the frying pan. Also, throw in the garlic cloves. Here is where it gets fatty and awesome.
5. Let the bacon sizzle away and the butter melt down into a delicious mixture. The garlic will start to get nice and soft. When bacon is cooked and butter is melted, turn off the heat.
6. Remove bacon from pan and place on paper towel. Now, what you do with THIS bacon is up to you. I gave them to someone to eat, but you won’t need these for the dish itself. Hey, why don’t you snack on it as you get that Alien blu-ray fired up?
7. Toss the brussels sprouts and leaves in the pan and rotate the pan so they get coated in the butter-fat liquid mixture.
8. Wrap a pie tin or cookie sheet in aluminum foil.
9. put the soaked brussels sprouts and garlic in the pie tin or on the sheet, pouring excess liquid mixture in with them.
10. Cut (or rip up Hulk-style like I did) the bacon into 1/2 inch pieces.
11. Sprinkle in the raw bacon for the dish over the brussels sprouts and garlic.
12. Pop this tasty treat in the oven and let cook for roughly 15 minutes or until bacon is done and brussel sprouts are a bit browned in places and soft.
13. Pepper to taste. (I think it is salty enough because of the bacon, but you can certainly add other seasonings.)
14. Enjoy!
This is what it should look like:
For a food that looks like tiny green brains, these are amazing.

For a food that looks like tiny green brains, these are amazing.

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Five Favorite Things for October

First, I’d like to give a shout out to a favorite of the summer that really deserves its own post, but because we’re into October already, I’ll be whizzing right past: Guardians of the Galaxy! I thought that Captain America: Winter Soldier was nicely done, and then along came X-Men: Days of Future Past which totally killed for me. THEN, Guardians of the Galaxy came out of left field and blew my friggen mind. I mean it destroyed my brain. I thought it was easily the best Marvel movie made thus far. It had so much heart and humor and that is really hard to do in an action-packed explosion-y movie. Two thumbs waaaaaay up.
Also, Chris Pratt? Hello there, sir.
Now, for my Top Five Favorite Things for October.
1. Netflix releases a slew of new shows – As if it wasn’t enough to have my baby, The Walking Dead back, new episodes fo The Following, Supernatural, Sons of Anarchy, The Vampire Diaries, etc. are on Netflix and it warms the cockles of my heart!  Seeing the schedule for all the shows to come was like Christmas came early. I can’t wait to catch up and/or binge out on all of my favorite guilty pleasures.
What can I say? The dogs like curling up and watching The Vampire Diaries. I don't like it, but I have to bite the bullet and watch it for them.

What can I say? The dogs like curling up and watching The Vampire Diaries. I don’t like it, but I have to bite the bullet and watch it for them.

2. Annabelle – I need a scary movie to go see every October and I’m really glad that I went to see this Conjuring spin-off. It may not have gotten as great reviews on Rotten Tomatoes as its predecessor, but I thought that given the premise, it was pretty solid. There are two scenes that totally freaked me out, and I don’t feel like I’m that easily freak-out-able. I don’t want to spoil anything, so I’ll just say the phrases “running through the door” and “the elevator and hallway” as a code for those who have seen it. Freaky as hell, right?
3. For the Record: Tarantino – If you are in the Los Angeles or New York areas, you HAVE to see this show. It is the ultimate experience for a Quentin Tarantino fan. It is a group of very talented singers and actors performing a crazy medley of songs and acting out scenes for Tarantino’s films. I had my doubts, but the drinks were delicious and the cast was even more so. I couldn’t get enough of the girls dancing around the stage. Crazy talent! If you’re interested in a good show but you’re not a guns and blood fan, still look For the Record up. They do Scorsese, Baz Luhrmann, etc. I can’t wait to see another director’s work performed in such a cool way.
4. Brussels Sprouts – Weird, right? I know this will probably be unpopular, but I hadn’t tried brussels sprouts before until about a week ago and now I’m obsessed. Watch out for a recipe on the horizon, because I am psyched about these weird little green veggies.
For a food that looks like tiny green brains, these are amazing.

For a food that looks like tiny green brains, these are amazing.

5. Runyon Canyon – Another L.A.-centric thing, I apologize. I’m a Pacific Northwest gal for sure, but while I temporarily call Los Angeles home, I figured I would take advantage of all that it has to offer. You know, like tons of plastic surgery and vodka. Not really…but maybe. No, not really. Runyon Canyon is a great place to hike if you’re not really into a 127 Hours-type of solitude but want to enjoy a good view. I spend four mornings a week at the top, just taking in the panoramic view. If you go at just the right time of day, you can avoid all the crazies. If you don’t, you may still spot someone cool. I got to whisper an excited hello into Randy Couture’s cauliflower ear.
Runyon in the wee hours of the morning.

Runyon in the wee hours of the morning.

Runyon in the ungodly hot hours of the afternoon.

Runyon in the ungodly hot hours of the afternoon.

Well guys, thank you for reading. There are many lists and posts in general to come, so please stay tuned! Also, costumes! Yay!
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I’m Baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Hi Guys!

I know it has been a while since I last wrote. I’ve been really busy taking classes at UCBTLA  on the weekends and working my buns off at my day job the rest of the week. No excuses though! Something’s gotta change around here!
That’s why I’m going back to the posts that kept me accountable for my blog in the first place. I want to return to doing my recipe posts for companions to geekery AND my five favorite things of the month. It has been a year since I put the five favorite things posting on hold and it has been over a year since any recipes. Those were really fun, so I will start by doing them for October of this year with Halloween here. I’ll also throw in other posts as usual.
Sound good? I sure hope so because they’re on their way!

Cool Guy News: Joaquin Phoenix to Play Dr. Strange?

How fitting. One of the strangest and most talented actors of this generation may be slated to play Dr. Strange himself. Fingers crossed that this becomes reality.

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News Out of Comic-Con

Hi all! I haven’t had a chance to post lately and I really apologize for that. I’ve been working on a lot of exciting things though. I’m constructing some cosplay items for some cons in November that I am really excited for. I’ll be posting pictures of progress soon. :D

Speaking of cons, I’ll be relaying any cool news I hear about from SDCC in the next few days. So envious of everyone who is there. There is a girl I work with who can’t stop talking about her and I might strangle her…lovingly of course. :)

The Season 5 GoT cast has been announced:



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Cool Guy News: Channing Tatum to Play Gambit

Okay, if you’ll just allow me a second here with this Channing Tatum news…

image from

image from


Okay, nerdrage/fangirl behavior completely over. Thank you for indulging me. Gambit is one of my favorite X-men, if not my ABSOLUTE favorite, so I needed a second to grieve when I found out that Magic Mike would be playing him on the big screen. I’m pretty sure that I’ve now entered into the final stage of acceptance.

With that acceptance comes the hope that just like all of the other questionable superhero casting choices lately, Channing Tatum will surprise us all and be absolutely amazing. We need to see him in the role before we get pissed, just like I said with Batfleck, and then he is fair game to hate. Hey, these things have happened before (see: Heath Ledger, Anne Hathaway, etc.). I really, truly, sincerely hope that Channing’s Louisiana roots will lend themselves well to Gambit’s signature Cajun accent and devilish charm.

You know, if nothing else, I think it is important to remember that he wanted this part really badly. He won out over a lot of other contenders, including Gambit 1.0, Taylor Kitsch, so clearly he is committed to this role. No actor wants to let fans down, especially super intense comic fans that lob twitter threats daily at poor actors who just want to do their best. No actor wants to embarrass themselves in front of their peers, studio execs, etc. either because this is their livelihood. So I’m just going to assume that he’s going to give it everything he’s got and then wait and see.

Now, I just wonder since the X-men universe is so mucked up already, and we have a completely new Gambit–we’re evidently getting a new, more accurate version of Deadpool as well while we’re at it–will we see a new Rogue as well? Etienne? Candra? Please please please a Bella Donna? Any other Boudreauxs? Mister Sinister? I’m assuming the extremely vital Thieves Guild is a given. Who knows though. He’s getting a stand alone film, so I’m just interested to see what parts of his past that they will choose to incorporate, change, or completely ignore. 

I guess I’ll have to see Days of Future Past to figure out what is going to happen in Apocalypse and take it from there. He was one of the horseman at one point. Is that going to be hinted at at all? It’s not like they follow a canonically-accurate timeline. SO MANY QUESTIONS! AHHHH!

Here’s hoping that it’s all great!


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